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Friday, January 22, 2010

Several New Paintings

Here are two new paintings I've made recently. I used both Painter and Photoshop to do these. I'm getting more and more use to Painter the more I use it. I really do love the look and feel it gives you.

This was a painting I made as a birthday gift for the individual in the painting.

High Res

This painting was made as per request for a friend and fan of mine.

High Res Sketch

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Sketching into the new year!!

I'll be posting some sketches here as we are starting out our new year!

Happy New Years!!!

Wow, it's already 2010!! Time sure flies by past and now we've gone through our first decade in the 2000's. There sure were some good and hard times. Taking time to think about all that has happened is pretty amazing. Prior to 2003, the only time of digital art I had done was creating digital images using Photoshop. Even then, I hadn't even used the Wacom Tablet yet. I went to the Art Institute of California - San Francisco by the end of 2002 and started doing 3D and proper digital painting in mid 2003. Seven years later and I think to myself, wow my style sure has changed and I can actually recognize what I'm trying to make. Haha, I can still remember some of my first 3D models and how proud I was of them even though I couldn't exactly tell what they were. Let's hope that 2010 ends up being a wonderful year. Anyways, what better way to start a new year off then coming up with resolutions to try to keep. This list is far from complete, but I'm still trying to think of more.

Resolutions for 2010
- Create a character modeling portfolio and reel
- Create a full character each month (Modeled, Textured, Rigged)
- Create a rigging portfolio and reel
- Create a 2D portfolio
- Finish all of the models and rigs for the animated short
- Get certified in Zbrush and possibly Adobe
- Start on a Master's program for Fine Arts
- Get better at 3D Animation
- Become proficient in iPhone programming
- Learn Unity 3D
- Relearn Adobe Flash and ActionScript
- Get a more stable primary job
- Apply to film studios
- Travel outside of the country (Korea, Japan, Hong Kong)
- Travel to another state (New York)
- Learn new photography techniques
- Clean computer out every month
- Be more positive
- Work out at least twice a week (I'm horrible with this)
- Eat healthier
- Try out the movie business by being an extra
- Learn how to dance
- Keep a schedule
- Learn Korean
- Learn Japanese
- And lastly due to popular demand, to get a stable girlfriend for once haha

Friday, January 1, 2010

He is no longer blind!!

So I did some tweaks to the shaders, gave him some eyes and added a zdepth pass :)

Remodeled the dude

Well.. I felt bad he was missing well.. the rest of his head so I decided to finish modeling the rest of his head and resculpted all of the detail and then some. I then decided to do some basic texturing. I only have an overall color and subdermal color so far. I'm still missing the epidermal, backscatter and both of the spec maps for the final piece. I'm working on my laptop, soo.. I refrained from getting too detailed with the render. Anyways.. the poor guy looks possessed and has no real eyes or body. I'll get to that tomorrow!! :D