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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Super Post!!

It seems the gap between each post is getting larger and larger. hmm.. I need to change that. There are a few pieces I've been backlogged on posting. I figured I should at least post my work haha.

A rather quick 3d sculpt I did and figured I should start texturing the poor old man.

A new female sculpt that I'm still working on and refining. No worries, she will have clothing in the end.

A male 3d model I decided to work on in Maya. Work in progress

A digital painting I made for Sally. She's a huge fan of the newer Hawaii Five-O

A tank I made for my students so they could create LOD models for their final.

Textures I used to create the shader for the old man.
Overall Color

Diffuse Color

Epidermal Color

Subdermal Color

Backscatter Color





Normal (Only for pores)

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