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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Balrog

I've decided to model the Balrog from scratch again. Instead of creating the base mesh inside of Maya though, I opted to us Zspheres and ZSketching instead. That proved to be a much faster way to do things. After doing all of that fun stuff, I sculpted it to get myself a rough form that I could use to retopo. I ended up doing the retopology within 3D Coat and decided to sculpt the wings as a separate mesh. I think it'll be easier that way and to do a final retopo once everything is finished.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Cinema 4D

I've been learning Cinema 4D for about 2 days now and the learning curve has been pretty easy considering that google is essentially teaching me. I feel a lot more comfortable using it already, but at the same time, very limited. The modeling tools seem simple enough to use, but I feel it's lacking a lot of the tools I normally find in other modeling programs. It's just weird to know that the vertices (points) are still floating around even after deleting a face. Maybe there's another way to delete faces that I don't know of. The snapping tools work well enough along with the hierarchy system. I think this program would work great for someone who is new to the 3d world, but if you have modeled for years in another package, it might feel limiting. The good thing at least is that many people have created plugins to fill in the gap of all those missing tools. Anyways.. here's my first model I've made in C4D along with the shaders and lighting :D

Just started modeling a Macbook Pro. I've decided to change up the shortcut keys so they are more similar to Maya. This has helped a lot to ease my adjustment to the program. I'm still trying to figure out easier ways to align points instead of having to type the actual value.