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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A long day of test rendering

Today was a very very long day of test rendering. I seriously need a better machine if I'm going to do more of this hair rendering. haha.. Well.. I finally figured out the problem I was having with the hair. It appeared that a lot of the initial curves I had used were pointing in the wrong direction, so I just went through and flipped the curve direction. After that was done, most of the problems I was having with the hair went away. =) I then decided to work on a quick texture for the face. I got tired of looking at the gray face. After that I gave her some actual eyes and teeth color. Here's a test render I did along with the in viewport shot.


Soo... I've finally figured a work around to get the same render quality I was getting with the previous hair but speed up the render time for my poor little single core machine. I basically have to cut down on the amount of initial hair curves I use, and in turn use more hairs per hair clump. This render has no AO applied to it like the previous render so the skin doesn't look like how I want it to.

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